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Jun 12, 2007

dont be mad...its been a while well my husband is out of the navy and got a job in fairfax..so we had to MOVE so i have been out of OB for a min. But im back and doing great..i was at a stop or hold shall i say for like 2 months as 145-140 lbs and that was in april see last post. However today June 13th... i am 128lbs. And that is at the end of the day i will go to the doc tomar and get the off....but i am so happy to have broke the hold..and be almost to my goal..i reached my surg goal a long time ago. But i am doing great..my skin most of it has gone back i have a little in the stomach area to be expected and then i have sagen boobs lol..nothing a tummer tuck and boob job wotn fix lmao....just playin i am happy with what i have and what i lost no regrets here. 

So this will be a short post i'll post some new pics soon...PS i have a cute body and a new cute abthing suit...love it. 

oh some of you asked what size i was pre-op and what size am i now 

so ....pre op (oct9th2006) i was a 18-20 at 251lbs 
Today (june132007) 6.5 months out i am a 4-5 at 128lbs

love you all 


Shrinking Women!

Apr 17, 2007

So as i lost wieght from oct 9th day of surg to today April 17th and today i wieghed in....145....holy cow!!!!not only passed my 100lbs mark i only have 20 more to go....watch out now! 

Startign new profile.......

Oct 22, 2006

Well i guess not all my info from the last profile came thru....so i will start a new one......

And it begins...........
5 feet 0 inches
BMI 48.5

i have done all the blood work pap's and nutri visits however the waiting list for PNMC is 2 years or more.....and i cant wait that long. being on this site i have seen the ways around this. i will go to a PCM and see if i can get a referal outside. if not i guess tricare stand here i come! i really hate being inthe middle of HMO's i think that your body your choice. but i will play the game for the moment....so...here we go...


good news and bad...well tricare prime told me that they do not refer outside for WLS so....i called the doc office i choose Dr. Glen Moore. i spoke with Tammy at the clinic she was so so nice...
and informed me on my new !st apointment. YEAH YEAH

May 16th. and then after that i will go to diet lady and then off to more aplointments.

i am a little worried about the cost.....but i am feeling good about changing my life and bettering myself for my kids and family...i know that being able to run with my kids will be a great deal. and you cant put a price on that.....
so tomar i am going to the tricare offices and changing to stand. and will get the low down on cost. and what 20% is...i was told by Tammy that i would pay about 50$ on the 250 visit and i have a cap of $1000 so hey i can pay that i mean really i would pay for everything all of it to have the chance to be great!


well....i know i have not updated so i am....this is the deal i have a doc. Dr.Glenn Moore. at the Bon Secourse Health Center At Harbour View. he seems nice thier staff is great..i was going to go may 20th but my husband had to leave out of town...and i had no sitter....but...i have a new apointment..june 1st so next thursday i am really siked...

i was told by the apointment lady that due to the fact that i have done everything but physc...and xray i will be closer then i think...so...i am off to get the letter script so i can get an xray and when i have it in hand i will swap to tricare standard...and then i will go to phsyc. and poof she said i'll have a date.. i am shooting for aug.....i know that is far but i am ok with the LAST FAT SUMMER

cant wait how cool is it for me to know that i will RUN with my kids and chase them instead of sitting down cause i am to fat...love it

so there is it guys and gals...wish me luck

i'll update after next apointment....



OMG i am so sorry i been gome forever...well first I GOT A DATE i picks OCT 9TH because it is columbus day and my husband will have off......navy and so will the friends husband who is watching kids durring date or surg

i was told however that at some point i could be moved up 2 weeks no bigger oct 9th is good tho....so next i also lost 5 lbs wow...so not 251 not 246 yeah

i can work t lol i think that was all water weight....

then we finaly moved into our new house....yes love it it looks great and we have painted done floored i am all one it only took a month and half but it is done lol....my mom was here for the month of june that was fun and i am staring a new biss...

well that is it for now i am way tired....


OMG well i knwo i only update like once in a blue moon however...i finished everythign i am liek 20+ days away from my surg, i am so so excited...allmy test went fin well they went great nothign wrong good clear for the date...so the letter was sent in to tricare...she said they will aprove it....(fingers crosses) and then that's a rap...

so i call this my last aft month...i liked beign big i think big is pretty however i cant keep up withmy 2 kids let alon our 3rd who is special neeeds....i cant do it anymore so i am glad to be getting the surg...

and then guess what...hold the phoen...i went for a wiegh in at the doc and omg to my surprise again i llost more wieght lol they laughed when i said NO WAY she said well you are stressed and not eating i said are you kidding me i am eating everythign in site i mean hell i c ant have it after i better get my last taste in now .lol

she laughed so when i started this i was 251 then went down to 246 in july and then no i am at 240 lol ome that is so so cool...shoot i am excited about just the 10 lbs i cant wait till THEY DAY

anyway i wanted to up date yall...and yes that i am having a blast...i will add a new pic soon....i guess the new pic will be a pre op pic...yeah go amber

lol have a great week yall!



i have about 3 days left....my surg i have it on monday oct 9th at 630am start time 830 am so not to early or late yeah

i am so so excited.....nothign to worry about!

so i will tell yall how it goes when i get back!

and this is where we left off...i will update on post op later today!


So i guess lol, i have not been here sence Oct. i am so so sorry everyone. well alot has gone wrong and then gone right in my life. so i'll just start...oct 9th was my surgery date...it went great remember the nurses they were great.....so so nice, so after all the pre stuff....i a=was a little cold nervous but i was wheeled into the holding area and then todl to breath some nice gasses lol and that was a wrap lol...i was out!

after i woak...up and that took a min i think it was cause my body likes to sleep, i was wheeled back to my room....still grogy but i was happy it was over....the first day i was on a drip then they took that away and i have to take med my mouth gag was gross....i walked more then anyone they had seen but i was detirmined to no be in the hospital bored so i got to know the other older people on the floor they all where their for different reasons but i talked to this one man he was funny, 

ok so 2 days tech 3 i was out and home...feeling no so bad....the first week but then the second week i was tired, but the 4h week i was in pain....thought something was wrong bugged the nurses and Dr Moores office lol, again and they said HUNI THAT IS YOUR AB WALL HEALING lol silly me 

so nov 9th i was a month out onto my new life things are going great....i am down 35lbs that first month then dec 9th 2 months out...i was 58 lbs out....so i was doing great my apointment in Jan i was 65lbs out and doing very well....Dr Moore was proud said keep up the work

then from jan 9th till now..i have lost a great amount of wieght...i met my 100LBS GOAL mar 9th....i was 5 months out.... i was scared i thought that was fast not sure...but i am younge active and have 3 kids running me ragged now that i am thinner lol...they think i am a new toy or something. 

so now april 9th i am 145lbs and only 20 away from my TOTAL GOAL of 125lbs. 

i cant say how much i love this new imporved me i am healthier then ever...and feel great......i still snack but only the good way jello and icepops...

i stick to my diet and dont cheat, i worked to hard to get the surg i am not going to mess that up. 

i do want to say that i am here for anyone that wants to talk or meet for coffee i am here for help....i am open book, and had a great time with WLS and cant even imagin doing this!

update more later!

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