Aug 20, 2010

I have been doing good two months after my last fill not doing good,  I go see my  Doctor in a couple of weeks and my weight is still around the same, but I can say I can see it in my clothes.  How to feel about it??? I am I progressing or what??   HELP

another fill

Jun 24, 2010

I had another fill and oh my gosh, I dont think I will have to have another weight is doing good, eating better and thinking about it more, havent riding a bike in years I love it.   Playing softball havent played in 15 years

third fill

Mar 31, 2010

Dr. says doing good on track will see him again in 2 months what to have lost 15 more lbs

weight loss

Mar 08, 2010

I dont think I am doing very good on my weight loss inches yes, scales no  but I just have to keep going.  My next doctor's appt is march 22, another fill I dont know???  a little unhappy

Next fill

Feb 02, 2010

It will not be until Feb 11th I am doing good but I dont know I guess I want a quick fix, but I have to keeping thinking watching what I eat  and going to the gym everyday.    Is There anybody who feel like me?


first fill

Jan 08, 2010

I didnt know what to expect ask the doc he said I will talk you through everything, he filled it to much felt it in my chest so now I know what being to full is like, he drew some bad I drink a little more it was better.  Iam so surprize I have done very well I hope in 5 weeks it will be the same, and the weight comes off well. 


weight lose

Dec 29, 2009

It has been since Dec 8th lost only 12 pounds would like to lose more I working on it,  Cant wait to get my first fill on Jan 7th yeah
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more excerise

Dec 29, 2009

it feel like I am losing but I dont see it yet clothes lost and baggy But the scale doesnt say so?? I guess more for me. I want to see the scales fall out the bottom


surgery date 12/08/09

Nov 22, 2009

Just a little nerves but ready .  But I knew God had me waiting was the biggest thing, afterward a little sore, when they wheeled me down to x-ray  got a little sick nothing but air dont want to do the again, just wanted to rest and get to my bed.


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