My story....????
Let's see,  My name is Laurie. When I was a kid I was kind of a tomboy, played sports in school.  I weighed 115 in 10th grade, unfortunately that didn't last.  I have been overweight since college - broke the 200lb mark 6 mos after I married my husband in 1983.  Been on all kinds of diets - Atkins, WW, Herbal life, lost and gained 100's of lbs. Several years ago on WW I did get down in the 180's but quickly bounced back to 200's - the last two years I been between 230 and 255.  I have 3 great kids - all boys- er huh- men, ages 19, 22 & 23. Two in college, one graduated and possibly going to Law school???? 2 of my boys are currently "skinny" eating healthy and watching their diet.  My husband is officially overweight - but being a guy can drop 20 - 30lbs with Atkins dietand working out in a month.  My oldest son is morbidly obese and has begun to have to deal the hereditary health issues such as Asthma, Sleep Apnea and Diabetes is very prevalent on his Dad's side of the family.  He was sitting with me and several friends that are VSG patients last spring when he said, " Mom if you'll have the surgery, I will too."  So we began this journey together. His BMI is 46(ish) and mime is currenly 43.  We both  have completed our 6mo weigh ins, he had to have Sleep studies and is now on CAP.  I found out I was anemic and had to have a Uterine Ablation, we've both had ton's of blood tests, an EGD, met with the Psych, the NUT and all the other required insurance BS. 
I'm a horrible "waiter" waiting is not my bag......I'm fat- been fat a long time and am not getting any healthier waiting for this to happen. Let's get on with this already!!!!   seemed like that 6 months lasted FOREVER!!!!!

I have several close friends and co-workers who have also found their way to WLS, in fact several that have had the same procedure I will have with the same doctor.  It has been wonderful to watch their journeys from pre-op/ surgery/ post -op and learn so much along the way. My sister had LapBand surgery last Feb and has done quite well - but the fills and the unfills.... I just feel the VGS is the best surgery for me .  Of course, there are things I will miss - food and I go a long way back! HA, but I am so ready to begin my new and improved life.  The Healthier more Energetic the song says
"...I'm TOO DAMN YOUNG to feel this DARN OLD!"

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