Aug 26th I'm 45 and have struggled with my weight since my early 20's. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid after my second child was born and I was 29. I know I had the problem for many years undiagnosed before that though, looking back on it and the health issues I had. I have 5 children now, 3 still at home. I am lucky to have wonderful support at home. Backing up a little bit.....
SURGERY DAY Aug 21st 2006. I got to the hospital at 6 AM. I wanted an early time and by golly, I got it. I was very nervous. Scared to death is more like it. I was called back very quickly, they did the usual stuff ( I guess usual, I have only had an emergency c-section before so I really have no idea about usual pre-op stuff), started an iv, asked what I last had to eat and when I last took my meds )high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid, asthma). I, of course, messed up that form and the nurse had to do it for me. Duh. Then someone rolled me back to outside the OR where I met my incredible surgical nurse named Cyndi. I still cant get over how wonderful Cyndi was. She asked me if there was anything in particular I was afraid of. I told her I was really afraid of waking up with the tube in my throat. She said that was very rare. I felt much better after that. Then the anesthesiologist came over to chat. He was very nice, repeated that waking up with the tube in was very unlikely although he couldn't promise. He asked me about any medication reactions I had ever had. I told him of some reactions I had had to an epidular during a c-section 17 years ago that were unpleasant (rash, mad itching, nausea and vomiting). Then Dr Smith came over to chat. He asked about my gall bladder scan and if we were taking that out. I said I would prefer not to if it looked ok because I'm self pay but my insurance will cover any complications so if it goes bad tomorrow they will pay. Then off I rolled to the OR with the anesthesiologist giving me what I think was versed (sp?) on the way because I started to cry. I remember very little of the OR or recovery room except that when I woke up I asked "Did he do it?" while patting my belly to feel for bandages and the nurse said yes so I gave a two thumbs up at her. Also I thought it had snowed. Weird because its Aug. I remember a little bit the ride to my room and then woke up gradually some time (I have no idea how much) later. I got up and went to the bathroom, very little pain. It kind of felt like I had done too many sit ups. They gave me those sponge thingys to wet my lips and mouth, that helped a lot. I walked around the floor early that afternoon and several times that day. The power flashed off a few times that night and kept me awake along with all the nurse checks and stuff. I had a pain pump but never used it. I felt pretty much fine right from the start. Not what I expected at all!! I thought it would be similar to my c-section but it was nothing near that pain. I did have a little trouble drinking liquids at first because it didn't feel like it was going right in my pouch, it was kind of staying in my esophogus for a few minutes and felt like if I burped, hiccuped or moved fast it would fly back out. Dr Smith had me sit straight up (I mean bolt upright) to drink and he gave me an antinflammatory in my IV for post op swelling and it went away after a few days. That was minor though and it never did fly out. :) I came home the next afternoon, walked around the block that evening, slept in my bed without problem. Getting in all the water was hard at first but I'm doing it now. I start on soft foods today, refried beans with cheese, tuna with cottage cheese etc. Things are going great. pre-op weight 262, today 252 but on different scales so who knows. But definitely a downward pattern.
Sept 26th, Tuesday, I feel great!! I just cant believe how easy this has been. (Knock on wood) I weigh 232 today, am exercising 4 to 5 times a week. Sometimes I walk two thirds of a mile early in the morning and other days I dance to the oldies with Richard Simmons. A few days Ive done both. I am off all meds except synthroid. I weigh myself every day, sometimes, well, usually, many times a day. I cant seem to walk past the scale without stepping on it. It drives me crazy with fluctuations during the day but I just cant seem to stop.

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