Three years out plus some!

Jan 07, 2010

Well, August 2009 I was three years out.  I'm discovering that I have to diet again.  I've put on about 20 pounds because of stress eating, and I find that I can eat way more than I should be able to.  This means that I've got about 40 pounds to lose.  I'm up over 200.  Actually I'm t 205.  But I'm going to do something positive for myself.  I'm going to join 24 hour fitness with my mother and start excersizing.  I think!  LOL!  I'll post soon and let you know if that's what I decide to do.  I've wanted to join for some time, but my lazy butt stops me every time!  I know that's something I have to work through.  It helps that I've been diagnosed by the Veterans Administration doctors with Post Traumatic Stress Disease due to Military Sexual Trauma.  I've been taking medication for it and it has helped quite a bit.  I'm still getting adjusted to the meds so I want to sleep more than usual, but it'll level out.  I'll keep posting so I can keep myself on track!


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