Feb 02, 2009

Yesterday I got THE CALL!! My surgery has finally been approved. 

I started seeing the surgeon at the end of October 2008.   I followed all of the rules, including seeing a dietitian, getting Psych eval and getting necessary info from my PCP.  It was actually pretty painless.  My surgeon does not require anything more than the insurance does so I don't have to go on any crazy long liquid diet or anything.  

I am currently on a 3 week South Beach type diet to shrink my liver and I have to do clear liquids for 2 days before.  I have an endoscopy scheduled for tomorrow just to be sure the dr knows what to expect when he gets in there the day of my RNY.  It is so hard to believe that I am just 20 short days away from my new birthday!!!

There are so many  crazy emotions running through my head right now, but the one major one is impatience.  I just want to get this over with already!!!! I know it will be here before I know it,  but I really wish it was tomorrow!!  


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