Feb 26, 2009

Well,  here I am  officially post op! I  had my surgery on Monday  and am feeling pretty good right now.  I took my Percocet this morning when I woke up, but have not taken it since then.   I am going to take it before bed to be safe and so  I get a good night's sleep.  I  slept NICE last night!  11 hours with  waking up only once to pee.   I even spent the night in my bed and was able to get out of it with little problems.

I thought that I felt hungry at dinner time, but I warmed up some broth and that seemed to help.  It didn't help looking at the ribs that my DH and daughter were eating.. but they actually didn't tempt me that much.   Maybe if we were in a restaurant, they would have, but I felt ok sitting at the table with them for a meal.  My daughter liked having me there even if I was just sipping away.   

Tomorrow I am going to try to drive a short distance and see how that works out.  I will not go far, maybe just down to the grocery store to see if there are any different broths I can try out and to pick up some more SF Icees.

I got on the scale this morning and it said 225!! Seems that I didn't experience the post hospital weight gain, unless  I just lost it right away with all the peeing that I've been doing.  225 means that I have already lost 19 pounds since  I started this whole process!! WOO HOO!! Never before have I lost more than 25 lbs, so I am almost there!!!

That's all for now.. had to put in a post op  blog to start off!!


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