Friday the 13th and oh what a GREAT DAY!

Mar 13, 2009

Today is 3/13.  It has been 18 days since my surgery and I feel great!  Weight loss related, the scale read 212.5 this morning.  My highest weight was 244; highest at the surgeon's office was 241.  I have been using 244 as my starting point because that was the highest weight I remembered being.  So, I have lost around 30 lbs since I started this process !! Woo HOO!!

I measured myself today, as well.  Last time I measured was day before surgery 2/22.  Here is the comparison
                2/22                               3/13           inches lost
Bust:      49"/ 42" band              46/40        3/2
Waist:      47"                                44              3
Hips:        52"                                50              2
Thighs      26"                               24             2
upper arm: 16"                             15            1
                  total inches lost:                13 inches!!!

Non weight loss related, I got a big check from my daughter's natural father.  I haven't seen any type of support check from him since December and that was really small.  So, I guess he filed his taxes or came up with some money some how to get out of jail (where he has been for a few weeks for lack of payment).  Then went I went to the bank, I found out that my income tax came today too!!! YAY!! Couldn't have happened at a better time.  With moving and everything, I can really use the extra money right now.  I put a big chunk on my student loan and that was a huge weight lifted off me.  Now, I can focus on moving and getting settled in the apartment without having to worry about money for a bit.


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