one year today!

Feb 23, 2010

So, here it is my thoughts on this, my one year surgiversary.  Today has been an emotional roller coaster for me and the day is not even over yet.  I have cried happy tears thinking about how far I have come and all I have gained along the way.  I have cried sad tears thinking about what I have NOT accomplished yet and the people who are not here to help me share this experience.

In the past year, so much has happened. 

Feb. 23, 2009, I had my surgery

April 4, 2009, I finally moved out on a loveless marriage and got my own place

April 2009-joined gym and got a personal trainer

April 27, 2009, I made it to ONEderland!

Summer 2009 was comfortable in a bathing suit at the pool and the beach

By the beginning of September 2009, I was down 70 lbs

End of September 2009, my dad passed away

This is just a few of the specific events that have happened over this time.  During this entire time, I have been dealing with being a single mom, struggling with finances and discipline issues, and trying to figure out who LISA is. 

I also have gained physical strength and endurance.  I can run for more than 2 secs on a treadmill and on the street.  I can push almost 200 lbs with my legs.  I can lift up to 60 or 70 lbs with my upper body depending on the machine.  I can do at least 10 push ups without stopping.  I can do full sit ups.  I can keep up with the psycho animal spin instructor on Wednesdays. I enjoy body pump and watching myself in the mirror.  I look forward to my Sunday morning 2 ½ hour sessions at the gym and am disappointed when I can’t make it.

A guy in the body pump class yesterday was asking 3 of the girls, myself included, if we liked what we saw in the mirror.  The other 2 girls said no.  Then he started to say how no woman is ever happy with what they see.   I said, you know what, right now at this moment, I AM happy with who I see in the mirror because a year ago, I weighed 70 lbs more and could not do 1/2 of what I do now.  He jokingly told me he found the woman of his dreams.  (he is married and always jokes around with us)  It felt GREAT to be able to say that.  Even if I am not completely happy with who I see, I am happy with how far I've come and proud of myself for being able to say it out loud!


Shirt size: was 26-28 now M/L

Pants: was 24, now 10/12

Dress: was 26-28, now 10/12 or M/L

Shoes: was 8 ½ to 9 wide, now 8-8 ½ regular

Bra: was 44DDD, now 38DD

I can wear heels and walk around in them for any given amount of time.  I can wear knee high boots and zip them all the way up.  I can wear skirts that are above the knee instead of all the way to my ankle and I am comfortable wearing more form fitting clothes that show off my new figure.

I have lost an estimated 40 inches around my body.  I say estimated because this is me doing it myself and that is never truly accurate.

The best thing that has happened to me on this journey is the by far all of the wonderful new friendships I have made.  I have met so many people from PA, as well as other states and have spoken to so many others on OH and FB.  I now have friends all over the country.   My self esteem is growing every day, with some bumps along the way, but still growing nonetheless.   I am sure that I have much more to say about this journey and may come back and edit this as I see fit.  But for now, if you have read this far, I thank you.  I hope I have not bored you too much. 


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