3 years and getting back on track

Mar 05, 2012

So, I just passed my 3rd surgiversary!  I have lost about 75 lbs, give or take a few.  I am healthier and happier, but never reached my goal.   My stoma is stretched, but I can't get a revision covered by insurance at this time.  So, I have to do this without any surgical intervention.  I CAN DO THIS!

I got a great deal on a new gym membership, so I switched over from Gold's to LA Fitness.  I also decided to listen seriously to their spiel on a training contract and not just blow them off because of the money it would cost.  I got a great deal on that, too.  for $312 + $99 sign on fee, I am getting 12 sessions per month for 12 months.. 144 sessions for $411= $2.85 per session.. um, yeah.. I can handle that!! I'm doing something for ME with some of my income tax money!

Day 1.. Alycia is my trainer.  She's young and super friendly.  She is also a certified nutritionist AND her mom and aunt both had Gastric Bypass.  She "gets" my needs!! She asked questions about what areas I wanted to work on losing fat and where I had skin issues.  She gets it, she really gets it!!

We did my stats, so here they are.. 

weight: 183.5
body fat %: 39.2%
bmi 33.5---- still obese 

neck: 13"
shoulders 43"
waist: 39"
hips: 43"
bicep: 13"
thigh: 24"
calf: 15.5"

Just looked back on a posting I made from when my first year.  I found measurements from the day before surgery.  I had done them myself, so they are not exact.  But, it's still enlightening!

weight: 234.5
bmi: 42.9
waist: 47"
hips: 52"
bicep: 16"
thigh: 26"

Looking at the measurements around my midsection makes me feel so much better!!  

Alycia said that I am well proportioned and that will make it easier to work the whole body.  We won't have to focus more on certain areas.  She said nutrition and cardio will be the key to my success!  I CAN and WILL do this!!!!!!! 

I told her my goal weight was around 140.  That would put my body fat % between 21-24%.  She said that the real goal is to have the least amount of body fat, not necessarily the number on the scale.  She also said that I could realistically weigh around 150 and have around 20% body fat and not want to go any lower.  I have 12 months.. let's see what I can do!

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