My story...what is there to say? I love food. The taste, the smell, the presentation! It's the center of all family functions as well as with friends. (That is going to have to change!)  We need to find something else to do when getting together other than eating.  I love taking cooking classes (also contributing to my diet demise) and although I don't want to give them up, I am willing to, but would prefer to use the experience to learn healthy ways to make good food. I wasn't overweight as a child, quite the opposite, very active and could eat anything. My weight problems really began after my third child was born.  I think that the day I left the hospital with him I was carrying an extra 70 lbs. and my husband was carrying our son! A year later I had to have a full hysterectomy. It has be a long and slow climb up the mountain to 253 from there, all of it over a 18 year span. Now with my granddaughter almost turning 2. I am finally fed up with living this way. I could write a book with the knowledge of the various diets I've tried all these years. Now it is time to let the professional have a shot at it. I am not content to just sit by any longer and watch life pass by without me in it. I want to jump in both feet and chase my granddaughter, travel and relax with my husband and try every adventure that comes my way. So here's to a new beginning...a rebirth of Lisa!

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