Feb 20, 2010

It's been over 3 weeks since I last posted anything.  I've been avoiding OH I think.  I have been playing around with the same 10lbs for quite awhile now.  In 10 days I have an appt with my plastic surgeon and I really do not want to weigh more than I did last time I was there!  Ice cream has been my down fall!!!  Which is kind of weird, since prior to banding I didn't eat much ice cream at all.  I don't think I'm too tight, but maybe I am.  My last fill was Mar 31 last year.  I have 7.1cc in my 10cc band.  I think I will make an appt with Dr Kam just for a "check up" since I missed my 2 yr appt due to having plastic surgery done and was still recouperating.  I need to committ to myself to eat "right" this next couple of weeks and if the weight doesn't start to drop then go see Dr Kam for some ideas.  I have been exercising but not as much as before.  For some reason my walking partner at work and I are only walking once a day for 30 minutes instead of twice a day.  With my husband now on days when I get home from work he is here so my evenings which used to be my own are not any longer.  I was hoping that he would walk with me but he has some leg cramping issues that get much worse when he over does it.  So he and I haven't walked as much as we had in the past.  One good thing, spring is near!  The days are getting longer and it is a bit warmer.  I can't wait for spring/summer!  I just feel like doing more when it's nicer out.  I have gotten up around 4:30am a couple times to walk before work.  I am NOT a morning person so I've only done this 2-3 times.  For me I get pretty tired by mid morning when I do this.  I don't see myself doing this regular.  I do feel as though my attitude is getting better so that's a good thing.  Work is... well it's work and I am just grateful I have a job to go to.  I am working full time this month as our payroll person is getting ready to go off on short term disability.  I am filling in for her since I once did payroll.   I like being pretty busy at work, it makes my days fly by and I don't having any munching problems.  I now need to make my evenings busy too.  Evenings have always been harder for me.  I get bored then start looking for something to eat. 

I am going to try and post more here.  Use this blog as my journal.  It might help to keep myself honest.  Later...


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