The Beck Diet Solution!

Mar 15, 2010

Thank you MidWestern Girl!  I haven't gotten it yet but I just ordered a 3 book set.  I reviews were very good about as high as you can get.   I am so tired of gaining and losing the same 10ish lbs!  I really need to deal with the "why" am I eating!  I am hopeful this will give me some insight along with some tips and ideas on how to deal with the " just wanting a little something"  I felt better when I was newer post op and eating almost no carbs at least no white carbs.  I need to get back on track and lose this 8-10lbs I've been playing with since christmas and maybe a additional 10lbs to get me right at my goal.   The set should be here on March 22nd and I will start reading and doing the workbook right away.  I will post again once I get it and get started.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


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