Apr 08, 2009

Well I had the GI test today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but was still gross! I had to drink the mix which was cold and not as thick as I had imagined but it was still hard to swallow. They made me move every which way possible while trying to drink but I think I did good considering! I dropped off the paperwork at the Dr so they can get me scheduled for a consult. In a clinical trial things are sort of in a mixed up order. I had to get into the trial, pass the tests, meet the Dr, do the meetings & prep then have the surgery.

I had my 1st bit of unsought advice today. A co-worker told me I don't need the surgery, to get a personal trainer. Another wanted to make sure I knew this wasn't a "quick fix" and lastly one said I should not be drinking high calorie/sugar drinks such as a coke if  I was serious about this. I have planned on giving up sugar and "thick" carbs as of May 1st to give myself 19 days to adjust before being forced to after the surgery. I am aware that my habits will change forever but if I were able to make myself eat right, I would not need this surgery. It's so frustrating to have other people tell you what they think when they have NO IDEA what I feel or think.

I know this is a life changing event. I have tried many many other options, if it were as easy as getting a personal trainer and giving up coke don't you think I would've done that 7 years ago before I was OBESE? I know they don't mean to me rude but it's frustrating when a thin person who eats whatever they want judges me! I have many people who are supportive and the most important ones are 100% on board. I just needed to get that off my chest. This is a battle and will be a life long journey. I have weighed the options and risks. I understand the changes that will come. I am willing to face these challenges to be a new healthy me! 

Thanks for letting me vent. I will update when I hear from the MD.


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