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Apr 09, 2009

I got my surgery posted today. I am official!! May 19, 2009 at 11:00. I wasn't too happy about the 11:00 part but I guess I will be okay. I work in pre- surgery at the hospital so I know more than I should about it since they haven't even called to tell me I passed the GI test. I am super excited and nervous now. I guess I have to get things in order since it's 5 1/2 weeks away! Wow I have so much to do btwn now and then. I am going "home" to GA for a wedding 4/25 and then 5/1 a pre birthday trip to SC since I won't be able to celebrate on the real day. We will be at the races here in Charlotte the 15 & 16 then 3 days later I start my new life! WOW I also have to renew my gym membership which just expired on March 26th. I know that will be mandatory in my pre and post surgery life. I had been going on a regular basis a while back. I love the way I feel when I go so there is no time like now to prepare!  

Please feel free to comment or send messages, I really need to hear from people who have been there and know what I'm feeling. I know my case is unique but still the same concept as all of you! I am looking forward to those group meetings, I wish they would hurry up and call to give me the information! 


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