I can't believe it's over!

May 21, 2009

Well I got home from the hospital yesterday around lunch. I was a bit tired from the LACK of sleep I got while there. I slept during surgery and in recovery but from then until I got home I was exhausted. People waking me every hour to poke and check things. The IV machine makes noise as well as those leg compressions which are also HOT! My poor boyfriend never got a cot and didn't sleep well in the recliner either. Needless to say we were happy to be sleeping in our own bed lastnight! 

So about the surgery- I got there and got some Versed in my IV thanks to my great CRNA Jackie Brown! Once I got into the OR I was so loopy I barely remember being wheeled in, then I woke up in recovery! It was SO BUSY there! There were all of these people and RNs running around. I heard the OR was very heavy for the day and the hospital was full. I woke up on Oxygen b/c my level dropped to 87.... oops I guess I forgot to breathe! 

I had a severe sore throat and of course the gas pains but other than that my stomach doesn't even hurt. I had to do a barium swallow before I could leave to make sure there were no leaks and I could SEE for myself that it is indeed smaller :) He was able to get 15 sutures in and said he could have kept going but they didn't supply him with enough. I no longer have the top round part that stretches the stomach and never feels full. I actually do not feel hungry yet. I guess this is normal. I have had some head hunger due to my emotional connection with food but nothing real yet. I am anxious to get to week 3 so I can see how much I'm able to eat and feel full! The thought of puree still scares me but I guess by that point I will eat whatever they allow me since I should be hungry! I didn't post any "before" pictures so I better get on that today before I lose anymore weight! I lost 8lbs pre-op so I want to capture my journey the entire way! 

Sorry to ramble so much, this is so exciting! 


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