Finally feel good!

Jun 09, 2009

I finally feel normal again! It took 3 weeks but it's here. I didn't have any energy at all and wasn't getting in enough protein during my liquid stages. I just wasn't hungry and I know that's no excuse for lack of nutrition. My body started doing some weird stuff.... I had 2 periods and retained a bunch of water for a while there. The RN told me my body was in starvation mode and was keeping everything I had stored as well as some hormonal craziness. Well I'm on soft foods now and am getting in more protein as well as exercise and I feel WONDERFUL! I finally lost a pound which is great b/c I had a 2 week stall! I went to the gym today and walked 3.33 miles for a total of 65 minutes. I burned 460 calories! YAY ME I am going to try Zumba tomorrow to see what the fuss is about. I did Group Power last week since I was an addict at one time. It feels good to work those muscles but man I was sore for 3 days after! It's so great to be back in the land of living. I haven't lost many pounds but I can tell the inches are coming off b/c of my clothes and mirror. I am going to take a belated "before picture" and post it ....fat rolls and all so I can compare the progress of all my hard work!

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