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Feb 11, 2008

I haven't blogged in a REALLY long time, the kids and the lap band meeting and planning for vacation have kept me really busy. 

I wanted to jot some stuff down before I forgot:

Heightest weight                                       320 (pregnant)
Pre op (10/2007)                                      309
Day of Surgery                                          286
1 week post op                                         280
1 month post op & 1st fill                         276

I'm feeling good, I really can't see the weight loss, but I guess that's normal.


Sep 20, 2007

The hospital finally called me to confirm a date for the Lap-band info session!  I have been waiting two months for this call.  I'm counting down to October 1st.  I can't wait for this life changing expereicnce to start. 

Blah blah blah

Aug 26, 2007

I've been nagging the doctor's office almost daily to find out when their next info session will be.  They've put it off until October, they have two new surgeons coming in and one is currently in Europe while the one who's been there is moving out of state.  So basically I'm going bananas.  They said they'd call around the middle of September.  We have a trip planned to Niagara Falls at the beginning of October for our anniversary and my birthday and I have the strangest feeling that the session will be on one of those days.  To tell you the truth I don't even want to go to NF with two little kids, driving in a car for a zillion hours.  We have a DVD player for them in the car but they go nuts like everyone else with just sitting around.  Now that I think about it I hope the info session is on one of the days of our vacation so I can cancel and not go.  How terrible is that? 

Wishing and hoping....

Aug 02, 2007

that September 3rd rolls around faster than humanly possible.  That is the big info session date, at least for now. 

The heat here is killing us, we can barely be outside for 20 minutes without the kids being completely flushed. 

I'm so bored with myself lately, I want to cut my hair then I don't, then I do, then I don't......see boring!  Annoying! 

 If I cut it then my mother in law (who hates the ground I walk on) will just have more ammunition against me.  When I went to meet her for the first time, about 3 weeks before my wedding (they live in europe, so I didn't have the pleasure of seeing her before that) my future husband and I were having breakfast like the 3rd day there and she says to me in front of my future hubby and my future brother in law "Oh, you don't each much, I wonder why you're like that then?"  Meaning my ass was too big for her liking.  Can you imagine, you just meet the person that is going to marry your son and you shit all over her right before her wedding.  How lovely is that.  Needless to say, we'll be visiting her in the spring and hopefully I'll be banded and weigh less than I did when she saw me 4 years ago.  Hateful jerkface, she is I tell you!!!  Now my father in law is a saint for being married to her. Funny thing is, is that she's super religious, and holy, yet she values money above all.  Her kids are only worth their weight in loot, literally, not just cos she gave birth to them or cos she just plain loves her babies. 

I can only hope that I will be a better mother than she was/is. 

Off I go wishing and hoping.  Till next time.....

The waiting game.....

Jul 25, 2007

I am waiting for the hospital to call me for the date of the next seminar.  It was suppose to be at the beginning of August, but apparently they have a new surgeon who may or may not be moving it to September.  It's so hard to be patient when you can envision this whole new journey and time just stands still.  Baby boy's first birthday is just around the corner.  We have a HUGE party planned for him, about 35 people will be coming to the party.  My husbands sister is coming from out of town, she doesn't like me much, so it'll be a hell of a show.  My baby girl, she's 2, and she has been talking like there is no tomorrow.  This morning as soon as she woke up she told me she wanted to take a bath.  No asking with this one, very straight forward like most 2 y/o's. 

I hope I get a call from the hospital.  I've been praying for it every time I have a new ache or pain or my sciatica flares up or everytime a put a piece of food into my mouth. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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