Hello, my name is Penny and I am 44 years old and currently weigh 427.8. lbs.  I have been heavy most of my life and have been severly obese for 17 years.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years but have actually been together for 27 yrs. and we have 2 sons, Scotty, 27 and Michael, 17.  They are my biggest supporters.  I love you boyz... You are my world.
I have always been on the heavier side all my life.  Not obese but heavy until I became pregnant in 1989 with my son Michael.  I was 301 lbs when I came home from the hospital.  I basically stayed that weight until about 8 years ago when I quit smoking and knew I gained but didn't know how much.  I had some trouble with my gallbladder and had to have it removed in 01' and weighed in at 366 lbs. for surgery.  After my gallbladder was removed.... I quickly rose to an all-time-high of 427.8 pounds..... I then entered Weight Watchers weighing my highest and have been going to meetings for almost 4 years and have learned a great deal and thank WW for all of their support.  They have saved my life.  They have helped me convert myself and family to eating healthy and  we are loving it.  Although I haven't lost any more than about 18 pounds during that time, I am still greatfull for the opportunity to become healthy.  About two years ago, my primary care Physician recommended that I should look into the gastric bypass.  I refused to do the surgery but did look into it.  I have tossed it over and over during these past few years and finally decided it was what I wanted to do.  After much and many hours of research and support group meetings, I am on my way to a "Better" ME.  I too am one that just felt like I wouldn't make it past being put under.  I have made a huge decision and have done lots of homework and made my first appt. with Dr. Pamela Foster and saw her on Dec. 5th.  She was such a sweetie and sooo very helpful.  I am so honored to have her by my side as my surgeon and my boyz (family & friends) and as I enter my new journey.  Thank you Dr. Foster, you are changing my life forever.

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