Another Year

Jul 01, 2009

This month marks another year down from having wls. This year marks the 7th year since I had it. I am amazed that 7 years has gone by actually.

Although my progress has been steady with some bumps along the way, I have found that other things in my life have not been steady. An old wl buddy of mine has told me over and over again that you cannot operate on the mind only the body and I am constantly aware of this in my own life and the others that I have encountered here.
It is almost ironic that those who protest the loudest of what they are all actuality they are. How many of us have been hurt over the years with our obesity....many times....only to find a community where you feel you are safe....think again for sure.
Food still has its power...for the last few days I was set in a tailspin and I find this big empty hole of despair wondering how I could have misjudged so greatly?The outcome is loss and the need to stuff the feelings of rage that I feel.Why do I give it so much tell me...isn't that the sickness? When you trust someone or at least when I trust someone with my feelings, I do not expect to get their back when it is out of their comfort zone. They should have trusted me...however like me....they choose to metaphorically eat it or perhaps go to others. I have been here a long time and have weather storms....not that there is a storm by any means, but I feel if I do not write my feelings down...the food is going to be pushed down my throat by myself.....but at the moment it is hard to say no.
How many of you were judged? It really hurts to be judge by your peers. To have a sanctimonious attitude is beyond me...I was always taught they we're equally in this walk of life.
All I know that when the mighty fall...they fall hard and when that veil is removed they are revealed. No one is perfect as I remind someone back a while ago and the only one who was....well was crucified.
So as walk through the lonely path of OH....all is good....I will continue to be me inspite of what others think....I will go to my grave being who I am and I will not turn my back on my friends and those who need the support!
You old timers know how important it is to support....7years and counting....and I will be here till this site no longer exists helping others achieve their goals!!!



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