Joseph Eby

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Eby several times as he does some follow up for Dr. Katzen when business calls Dr. Katzen away. Dr. Eby is a very kind man and extremely supportive. He has explained everything that is going on to me which I also appreciate very much. He really takes his time with you just like Dr. Katzen does which also makes me very comfortable. Dr.Eby has never done any reconstructive work on me, but I feel I would use him if Dr. Katzen did not exist. I feel he would give you the same level of satisfaction and take care of you with the level of quality and expertise that you would want to have when having your body reconstructed. Also his wife, who is a nurse practioner is a real sweetie who has a wealth of information too!"

J. Timothy Katzen

"I first met Dr. Katzen at a seminar that OH put on in Anahiem. Two months later I was on the operating table! I felt comfortable with him and he is probably the first doctor besides my bariatric surgeon who did not make me feel like I was sub-standard for being obese or for having been obese. Dr. Katzen in my book is a miracle worker to me and an artist. If anyone could have predicted that I would have an outcome with the surgeries he has performed on me, I probably would have laughed in their faces. Dr. Katzen has dramatically changed my life and how I feel about myself. I can now hold my head up with pride about how I feel and know that it was at the hands of Dr. Katzen. I have always felt safe and secure with him. I have always felt that he will not take risks with my body. He is there for you 100% and makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. Dr. Katzen has been a gift to me!"
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