The Evils of Soy Milk

Mar 12, 2009

I thought I could increase my protein intake by adding soy milk to my protein shakes. It is lactose free, good source of protein, and it didn't taste awful. Well I kept having severe nausea, spasms, pain in the mid-epigastric region that went thru to my back! OHHHH NOOO the gall bladder zone. Pain severe enough I needed to take pain medication couldn't eat and couldn't drink.

I consulted with the Dr. No gall stones thank goodness. Hmmm might be soy milk! So I stopped the soy milk and I feel like a brand new woman. No more nausea, pain or spasms. Iam eating and drinking again. I actually have had energy the past few days. Moral of the story there just is no easy way to get around that protein drink. Tough it out girl.  

I am really excited because in 2 days there is a big canoe and kayak expo. I am in heaven. I am going to go and buy me a sit in kayak.The best part is I will use the money I saved that I used to spend on fast food. WAHOO! This treat will help tke off fat instead of putting it on. 

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