Update 8 wks Revision Post-OP

Mar 20, 2016

Hey! Current weight of 306.6 lbs. weight does come off more slowly with a revision. there is some sort of thing that happens metabolically and hormonally that they can't get to re-boost with the second surgery. i don't know, witht the way that my gut churns and burns all day, i can't tell that something isn't going on. It's very incomfortable and it feels as if I have massive hunger pains. The constant gas and belching is very worrisome. I'm getting sick of it. I am still nauseated much of the time. Particularly after I eat. I'm using a lot of my anti-gas and anti-nausea medications still. Not really worth it with the small weight loss I've seen is the way I feel most days. 

As predicted by my physician's team, I experienced, until last week, a huge amount of constipation. Now, I'm having bouts of diarrhea, which feels good after not being able to go. Since I started with the bouts of diarrhea, I am not having that feeling where my food is stuck. I don't feel as if my pouch is still intact. I don't seem to be full- ever. I just get nauseated, which I see as a sign. At first, when I started doing solids (just a little of them, primarily I just eat things that are mushy I'm afraid of meats in solid form because they were hurting, but now that I'm having diarrhea, maybe I will tolerate them more. I don't know. Confused, elated, frustrated, wish I knew more medically...


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