Since Surgery

May 12, 2014

It's been 6 days since surgery.  I'm down approx 13 lbs since pre-op weight which is exciting, but not quite as exciting as NO MORE INSULIN and NORMAL Blood Sugars!!!  I really didn't expect it to be so immediate.  I was on the insulin pump with fastings of 130 and postprandials of 140-180, so I was pretty shocked and still am, every morning I wake up and my BS is 95 or less! All my PP numbers are 100 or less because I'm really not getting carbs yet, but I'm good with that.   

Diet: Surgeon approved me for full liquid on discharge, however, it's not been going well with my pouch, so I've returned to clear liquids with the exception of protein shakes.  I'm not tolerating my chewable multi-vitamin well either, so at my NUT appt on Wed I'll ask about a soft chew instead.  Controlling bite/sip size has been a LOT harder than I thought it would be!!!  and that has resulted in some ouch moments, but continuing to be mindful and watch it with my sips is helping.

Exercise: I was feeling really good after surgery and was walking a lot around the hospital and then when I got home did some walks in the neighborhood, slow and steady and stopping when I needed.  Then Saturday rolled around and I was lifting toddlers, heavy bags, did a presentation with my Mom and WAAAAY overdid it.  I'm pretty sure I pulled something and I'm pretty miserable today because of it.  I didn't really realize I was in pain, I thought I was just feeling off, yucky, and grumpy.  My husband finally convinced me to take some pain medicine and within 20 min I could feel my breathing relax and my muscles relax -- I hadn't even realized I was breathing rapidly or that my muscles were tense in the first place.  

Goals:  Take it EASY!  Pay attention to my pain cues.  Stay hydrated.  Get the protein in as much as possible.


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