I have been overweight all my life. I struggled in school, getting teased by everyone. My best friends was skinny, beautiful and popular so you can imagine I was the outcast. I have been on every diet imaginable as everyone else has, I am sure. I have gained and lost my pounds. In 1997, I lost 75# and got down to 170#. I was in my glory. I had so much energy and everyone treated me so differently. I met a handsome man, had a whirlwind romance, got married and had my second baby. Well, this was when my weight really started to get out of control. I went from 170# to about 280# in a few years. I looked into weight loss surgery and attended support group for about a year before I finally got approval and a surgery date. I had surgery on Dec 19, 2002, open RNY. I was out of surgery for about 2 days when my surgeon came in my room to tell me that he was unable to perform the surgery. He opened me up and found tumors on my liver so closed me back up. Needless to say, I was devistated. I had all the pain and none of the benefits. My surgeon told me if all came back fine then I could come back in 6 months and have the surgery done. At that moment, I thought I would NEVER come back for the surgery as I was miserable. Well, it was 4 months later and my support group leader called (who also worked in the doctors office) and said the office was no longer going to be taking my insurance and there was 2 surgery dates left. She begged my doctor to let me have one of those dates as it was only 4 months since my original. My doctor agreed and I was scheduled for surgery on April 28, 2003. I could not believe it, it all happened so fast as I didn't even know at that time if I really wanted to go back and have the surgery. Well, I did have surgery on April 28, 2003 and the surgery went well. I had really an uneventfull surgery and recovery. I went on to lose about 80# and was down to about 206# and then I started to regain weight. I regained weight back up to my current which is about 283#, last time I was weighed.

Now, I am again miserable and eating anything I want and in what ever amount I want. I really have very little that bothers me. I can eat sugar, meats, fats etc with little problem if any. I have since decide to check into a revision to my RYN and went back to my original surgeon who only would does the lap band as a revision so I went ahead with the insurance approval process with them and at the same time sought out another surgeon in regard to the DS procecure. I decided to go to Grand Health Partners and Dr. Foote did my original seminar. I really liked his personality so I decided to investigate his background and ultimatly decided to seek approval for the DS through him. I am approved at this moment for the lap band and the Diversion with DS through two different doctors. I have decided to go with the DS with Dr. Foote in Grand Rapids. My surgery date is May 12, 2009 and I go April 27 for my pre-op. I am so excited and nervous all in one.

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