Aug 28, 2008

Well its day 4 of my accountabilty... I have been still indulging in my coke in the evening, and a few snacks.
But I have been walking at lunch again, and riding my bike in the evening.
I am feeling better about my self as well.
Today is a test...its my co workers birthday and there will be 'cake'
my coworkers have been instructed to remind me of Hawaii when the cake comes out later this afternoon.

I wil update on how I did with this challege


Aug 25, 2008

Well its been awhile since I have written anything, and I need to start because I need to be accountable.
I have gained makes me ill to even have to type that.
My lowest weight was 181 I am as of this morning 220.
I can't even grasp how I let this happen..You would thing after 2 years of changing my bad habits, they would have gone away. Unfortunalty that is not the cause, I opened that damn door, and those bad habits came screaming back in.
I am having knee and back pain again, something I thought I was done with. It is effecting me in many ways.
So I have decided to get my ass back in gear. I have even set a goal.
My husband has agreed for us to go to Hawaii next summer.
I want to be at least at my lowest, but would perfer to be at 175.
I decided this last week, but F'd up again the weekend. They seem to be the hardest for me. Next week being Labor Day should also show to have some difficultly..
I was posting on the BMIover 50 board...but alot of new people there I don't feel as comfortable as before. I may start posted on the WLS graduate board.
But I will start posting my weight here on my own board..
I really only need to be accountable to myself.
So here are my numbers
Beginning weight 473
Surgery weight 417
Lowest weight 181.5
Todays(8/25/08) 220



Sep 08, 2007

Well, here it is Saturday, I am at work getting caught up on my stuff.(guess I am caught up if I am online) because Monday I go back for another surgery.
Seems I need my gallbladder out, and I may have an internal hernia
(twisted intestines) when I have the pain, it is terrible. It has been coming on awhile now..since before June. but it is getting more frequent. So Doctor Foster says I must get it taken care of. I went Friday for all my preopt stuff at the hospital. Everything is the same there, except they have a new parking garage which I got lost in...anyway I haven't been nervous too much. I have  to stay only 1 nite. I should be off week for 2 weeks.
Still struggling with my food issues. I am hoping this hospital stay will get my butt in gear...


Aug 01, 2007

Well here I sit at 188.. but I have really been stuggling with my eating.
It appears my bad habits are slowing returning. I am trying so hard to keep them at bay. I have drank a few Coca Colas, I mean what is wrong with me I bought some for a BBQ we had a few weeks ago. I have been so against any carbonation... then add to that the sugar it is crazy. I have found that I do not dump.. why the hell did I ever find that out. I ate a piece of chocolate cake a week ago...I am scaring myself... 
I WILL thou regain control, I must, my life is sooo much better than ever.
Why would I sabatage that. It makes no sense. I guess that is truly the answer I need to find before I can really be a peace.


Jun 22, 2007

June 22, 2007
Well here I am at 192. I just can't believe it. We just got back from our vacation. We went and visited Bert and Karen, our old neighbors who live on the colorado river, in Big River, near lake havasu. We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the River. It was fun. Then drove to the Grand Canyon, Amazing..
Spent the nite in the cutest town, Williams AZ.. then off to Vegas for 4 days.
Had another amazing room at Ballys. Went and saw Rosanne.. she was so funny. Didn't have any luck but had a blast.
It is just so wonderful all the things I am able to do.. Have been to couple A's games, went to Kathryns graduation party, it was awesome.
All these things I would not have been able to do a year and half ago.
June 12th went for my 18 month checkup. It appears the pain I have had is my gallbladder. Dr wants to remove it. I must call her next week to find out what is next. Wasn't expecting another surgery,  except for maybe plastics.
Oh what are you gonna do.

May 11 , 2007

May 11, 2007

Well I sit here at 200lbs, just waiting for those 100's it seems as if it will never get here. I am hoping that next week will be it for me.
I have been feeling great physically. I am enjoying life for a change.
We went to an Oakland A's game recently, it has been years since I have been to the ball park. We had so much fun that I have purchased 5 more games thru out the summer. I have a wedding in my family this summer, and I am actually looking forward to going. Not dreading it, you know, what will I wear, where will I sit, and then I would usually make some excuse on why I can't attend. Not now, I am so excited to see family members that I haven't seen in awhile.

January 23, 2007

Jan 23, 2007

Well its Jan 23, 07 I have now loss 250lbs. I weigh 222. I can't believe it. I finally broke down and went clothes shopping last weekend. Fit into size 22 jeans, and 18/20 tops. I thought the jeans were just a mistake, but went to another store, different brand, and was able to wear the same size. I still feel as big as a house, especially my lower half. I can't wait until I am under 200. My next appointment with Dr Foster is in June. I hope to be there by then. I understand that the weight loss is going to slow down, which it has.(only 1lb last week) She wants me to get to 150 but I will be happy with 199. When I get there maybe I will change my mind.

1 Year Anniversary

Dec 20, 2006

Well On Friday Dec 15th I went to see my surgeon for my 1 year follow up. She was extremely pleased with my progress. In fact she said that I had loss more weight than any other patient she has had. I was blown away. It was a great feeling. All my labs were good. She suggested I still should lose another 80lbs. I would be happy if I loss 50 which is what I told her. She gave me a list of plastic surgeons to do some research on, but that I should lose at least another 40lbs before I call them.  She said to lose as much as possible before having any surgery. This is going to be a great new year, with so many possibilites.

Nov 14,2006

Nov 14, 2006

Well I am down to 241, Are Vegas trip was awesome, we couldn't have had a better time. We were upgraded to a 1500 sq ft suite, hubby won $600.00 and I won $1000.00. It was so great. I did come back with a
6 lb weight gain, I didn't take my water pill during the whole trip because I didn't want to have to find a bathroom all the time. So lost 3lbs right away after we got home and I started my pill again. The rest came off the following week. So I feel pretty good about it. It was awesome to be able to walk all over, sure my legs were tired, but in a good way. I am really looking forward for the holidays. Last year I had my surgery in December, so Christmas was kinda subdued. But this year it is going to be a blow out. My parents are coming down for Thanksgiving at my house. I am also excited about this. We already decided there will be no dessert. They totally understand and are fine with that.

old post

Oct 16, 2006

Well this Monday (June 5,06) will be the 6 month anniversary of my surgery. It has gone by so fast. When I started my journey I was 473. I couldn't believe it. I lost approx 56lbs before surgury.
I was 417 at the time of surgury. Now I am 311. My Husband and I walk every evening, I am up to 2 miles now. Which is just amazing, a year ago I could barely walk out to my car in the morning. I am very happy that I had this done.

July 3, 2006
Well as of last week I finally have left the 300's.I am 293 I am so happy. Having this surgery was the best thing I ever did. It has been hard but so well worth it. I have my life back. I can't wait to say goodbye to the 200's. I have been under 200 since well my teens I guess. This website has been so supportive I am so glad my surgeons office recommended it. I feel I have found friends for life.. Happy 4th of July

July 7, 2006
Well as of today I am now considered extremley obese, as opposed to Super obese. With a BMI just under 50. It makes me very happy, and still hard to believe. I still feel as big as a house, but I know that I am so much more heathier than before..

August 2, 2006
Well today I weigh 278. Only 4 more pounds and I will have loss 200lbs. I know that if I told my family and friends that , they would never believe it. I actually had a coworker tell me the other day that she never really thought of me as big.. What is she crazy?, but people who have never had a weight problem can't understand how much we weighed before, and how much we've loss. My husband does thou, and he is so grateful that I had this surgery. He never once complained to me about my weight, but he has now confessed how worried he was about me, it would keep him up at night.
My cousin's wife is having RNY next week. I am glad to have someone close to talk with about our issues. She has much less to lose then I. I am still larger then her, being 8 months out. She will
do great.

Aug 15 ,2006
Well as of last Sunday I have loss a total of 200lbs since my journey began. It doesn't seem real. It has only taken 13 months to lose that much weight. I would still like to lose another 100. but if I lose about 75 I would be okay. That would take me just under 200.
what a ride it has been.

Aug 25, 2006
Kathy's surgery was rescheduled because she had an eye infection, she was so bummed out. She has to wait until September now.
I am doing great. Weighed in this morning 268. My current goal is to be 250 by the time we go to Vegas in October. I am so excited about this trip. Today is my Dad's birthday. I wish I could be there with him, but he and Mom live in Lake Tahoe. I will get up there soon. Only walked once this week. I have been having knee trouble, I got to get back out this weekend. My good friend is coming to see me tomorrow. I can't wait to see her.

Oct 3, 2006
Its been awhile since I have written, I am now 254. It is hard to believe. my goal was to be 250 by Oct 22, when we go to vegas. Looks like I am going to make it. I have increased my walking alittle bit every nite. Not sure what I am going to do this winter. I guess use my dvd's more, but I don't get as good a work out with them.
Went to a company event a couple weeks back. Last year I would have never accepted an invitation because of the usual, what kind of chairs etc..but me and my husband had a great time, saw people I hadn't seen in along time and they didn't even reconigze me. It was incredible.

Oct 13, 2006
Well this morning I finally hit the 250 mark. That was the goal I set for my trip to Vegas. Which is 9 days away. So I made it. In the back of my mind I thought I would get here sooner, but oh well I did it. My next goal is going to be 225. I must admit it seems to be alittle harder than before.

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