Time flies

Mar 21, 2009

wow I didnt realize its been since October that I made a post/update lol

Things are going good I guess, I'm down 78lbs in 7mos. Ive slowed down ALOT, alot more than I want
Its been a lazy winter, I lost my job in January, horrible time finding anything in my town.
My car has been a money hog this past month..... so needless to say my band has been on the back 
burner sorta speak.....
Ive been eating junk again, too many sweets
Yet I still dont eat much at all... and I get stuck on occasion.
But its been ok. Spring isnt coming soon enough.

On the plus side... clothes are big on me, I had to get new undies,  they were sliding off me hah
hair loss SUCKS!!!!
I am much more active and can stand and walk for looooong time periods. I dont get winded or tired like I used too

some positives some negatives
but all in all better than it was 7ish months ago :)


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