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"I had my surgery with Dr. Alvarez on 4/24/14. From the time I found Endobariatric and contacted his office the entire process was so well organized. Susan his coordinator was always there to walk me through the process and now post op I send her questions which she always promptly responds to. Like most people in the US I was at first hesitant to think about surgery in Mexico. However after working with Susan and reading many on line reviews I felt willing to take the leap. As I said the process was so easy. I flew alone out to San Antonio and was picked up by Rosy and driven to the hotel in Eagles Pass for the night.The next morning we drove across the border to the hospital just a few minutes away. This was exactly as the You Tube video describes it. At Dr. Alvarez's office he came out and greeted me warmly with a big hug and smile.There was another lady having surgery the same day who was there with her daughter. Dr. Alvarez came out and told us he was taking me for surgery first because I was alone and she had company to wait with. I was so surprised by such kindness something that never would have been a consideration in the US. I was taken into his office where he reviewed my records and I was able to ask any questions. Then it was off to my room and on to blood work. Soon after that my surgery. I woke up back in my room with Dr. Alvarez standing at my bedside smiling again and telling me that everything went perfectly . Which it did! He even cut down adhesions in my abdomen from a previous Gall Bladder surgery which had trapped part of my large intestine. First time in years I don't get spasms everytime I bend. Thanks Dr. A! The care by the nurses couldn't have been better. Dr. Alvarez has 2 english speaking nurses that were there during the day. The other nurses at the hospital were also very attentive. They checked on and provided all the IV meds needed to keep me totally pain and nausea free. The only discomfort I felt was from the larger incision on the left which is where the stomach is removed. It was sore but nothing bad at all. I was on my feet the next day walking up and down the halls. Dr. Alvarez checked on me twice the day of surgery and twice the next day.This is absolutely more care than I have received in a US hospital and I have had two previous surgeries. The morning I left Dr. Alvarez's other surgeon came to check on me and answer any last minute questions. As we were leaving to go back across the border Dr. A. came out to wish us good luck ...yes with smiles and hugs. This is not the end of the story he asked me to text him when I got home the next day which I did. He routinely sends texts to check on me and update the new phases for reintroducing food. I really feel like I made the best decision for my health a safe, successful procedure as a permanent tool in my weight loss journey and an excellent ,caring surgeon."
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