What a Roller-Coaster !!

May 04, 2022

First time on this site and really wanted to share my story with people who can truly relate. So in 2011 i had a gastric sleeve. My starting weight was 300 and i lost 150 pds in one year!! Literally half my body weight. Leading up to recent years i have gained back 60 pds. I also was suffering from horrible GERD. I went to see my doctor and she mentioned i might qualify for a revision due to the terrible heart burn and weight gain. I did my research and in fact i did qualify. Moving foward i had a revision from gastric sleeve to gastric bypass 7 weeks ago today. My start weight was 205pds day for surgery and today im 187 pds. This means ive had a total of 18 pds lost in 7 weeks which is crazy to me. What i mean by that is i really thought i would have lost more. After week 3 i just stopped and actually gained like 2-3 pds which i did lose again after my period ended. Im starting to feel like i did this revision for nothing and im so discouraged. Its been 7 weeks and after the 3rd week everything just slowed down. I know there is a such thing as a 3 week stale but how long does it last?? I do admit i do each things here and there i shouldnt but super tiny portions. I also workout. Any tips? Help you guys! Will i ever reach my goal of 160.......

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