Mag (Marguerite) P.

3 days in hospital

Feb 23, 2011

Hello all,
I'm just home from the hospital tonight. Saw Dr. Monday morning and he sent me straight to the hospital. Received lots of IV fluids.  He said he wanted to wait until I was further out from my RNY to take out the gallbladder. Maybe keep me in the hospital w/ antibiotics and continue fluids for a while. The next day he came in and said It really needed to come out now. Later that day I was in the Operating Room. I read posts today and PM's but will answer and post more in the next few day. Pretty tired right now. As you know it's hard to get much sleep in the hospital, I have only taken pain meds twice since the surgery. Probably take it as I go to bed. (In my own little bed!!!)  Take care.  Mag         


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