Update December 2013

Dec 18, 2013

The good news is I have maintained my weight loss. The bad news is I never got as low as I should have.  I did gain 19 pounds but got it off with a strict Primal diet over a very short period of time.  I have kept up a very active exercise schedule of organized sports, three and four times a week for several hours each time.  I am not a gym enthusiast, so this has been a lifesaver.   

I have a minor complication with Reactive Hypoglcemia.  Prior to surgery I found no information on this rather common complication.  I can manage mine by following proper eating guidelines. But, when I get it all that goes out the window as the crazy brain seeks food, sugary food and protein. 

i am spending some time on Facebook where there are several forums for long timers.  The complications for some are frightening. Who knew!  It is so important to keep up with the vitamins and proper diet. Scary that people are dying after so many years.  But, would they have died earlier from obesity related illnesses.

Each day is a gift.  I dodged a bullet after surgery and I live with AFIB. So all of these days that I have lived happily since surgery are for me wonderful gifts given to me by my great surgeon, Dr. Pop, my government who paid for it and me for making it work.


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