Finally have a date..

Dec 10, 2010

Well, I got my first date and it was for December 14th..then it was moved to December it's on the 28th and it CAN'T move becasue I have to have it by the end of the year for insurance deductible reasons. So, finally. A date that I know will change my whole life. I have told only a couple friends and my close family knows. My husband has been amazing through this whole process and I know he had reservations in the beginning. It's hard to relay to someone who hasn't dealth with obesity how hard it is to lose weight and then maybe lose a few pounds only to gain it back. I am certain that the lap band is for me and will be a wonderful tool to help me lose weight. I know it will take hard work on my part and I am ready! I am still preparing myself on how to answer the questions of "how did you lose weight" and praying that I will be able to have the knowledge and right words. A big part of me doesn't want to "beat around the bush". My friend who has had the lap band surgery is confident when people ask her that she is able to say that her and her dr. came to the agreement that the lap band surgery was right for her. I like the sounds of that. I hope to keep posting my journey-and plan to take a few before pictures of myself in an outfit that I really feel good I can compare photos as I take this journey.


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