Febuary 11th, 2009
Wow what a yr! Im just under 11 mos out and Im at goal...Im so boney at this point. I look and feel rather fantastic! Its almost valentines and I can get something from VS in a MED....lol...yes I know small victory. Im in such a better place this yr than last yr. Im on my second semester of college, to get my pre-reqs for nursing school...I hope to be going to Amarillo this fall to pursue an ADN. This time last yr I was home bound with little hope for any real future. So thank you Jesus, and Dr. Syn, for my life back. I eat pretty normal...just small. Nothing bothers me food wise. I feel so normal and that was something I feared I would NEVER feel again.

March 27th, 2008.....just some stats...5'8"...268 according to docs scales
I went to do my pre-ops yesterday with Dr.Syn and the hospital. I had a hard time finding the right Covenant Hospital, even with the adress. BUT I called Chad and he quickly directed me. After taking about 10 vials of blood.freaked .and a chest x-ray...I found out that all the rooms are private.smilewinkgrin .and she said to tell the nurse when we get there that we need a cot for my hubby, since we are from out of town. This was great news because my hubby never leaves me, and he has slept in some interesting chairs. Then I went to see Dr. Syn and his scale of doom. Well I lost 2lbs since last time ..yaaa hooo....I wasnt trying to lose just make sure I didnt gain. So that was icing. But while I was waiting I saw soooo many ppl in and out and wondered if it was any of you. I think we need a board that we sign in that says who we are in our "online" names....lol.... Then I met with our very own NUT....(she likes that name...tongue ) and she helped me sort all the info Ive been gathering, into use and dont use piles. Its really great how helpful she is and we can email or call her anytime for advice. We have a great staff of support with Dr. Syn, I know this from reading other website groups.  So last before we left Lubbock, we visited the health food store and got some vitamins and protein and a great Dr. Syn discount..hop then finshed up at Wally World.   So Im armed and ready for Monday...and I have a true peace about where Im going and the ppl that are there to help me...thats so comforting. blush

March 24th-2008- I have just got my date for my surgery!! Its the 31st of this month. I cant believe its happening so soon. My first appt with Dr.Syn was great. Hes seems strict about the program, but I like him and his sense of humor. I also have access to a NUT that I liked also. So I go Wed to do all the pre-ops.

Im 45 and the mother of 4 and wife of one.....I havent always been  obese...its just been the last 2yrs...I think...The weight has just crept up on me over time from being less and less active from back and spine pain. I have had 3 surgeries on my spine. 2 to fuse my lower spine and one to fuse my neck....because of  
a multitude of problems. I just found out I have more herniated disc.

Im in the process of getting the RNY. I say in the process...I hope I am. I have my first appt. on March 7th.  They called on Monday and told me and I cried all day off and on.

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