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Jan 06, 2009


Finally a blog

Oct 20, 2008

Well I finally am finding time to figure out how to use this site.  Added some pics.  They are kinda out of order.  My before pic is in the middle and my now pic is at the front.  Oh well, at least they are there, right?

I had RNY on March 6/08.  Initially a little bumpy (not bad compared to some I have read about) because I had diarrhea for 5-6 weeks.  Finally clued in that I was lactose intollerant and also was sensitive to the whey in protein drinks.  this made it a challenge to get enough protein, but I did my best.  Now I am no longer lactose intollerant and I can tolerate some whey drinks. 

Started losing hair about 3 months ago, but I think it is slowing now.  Kinda scarey because I already had thin hair.  However, I dont think anyone has noticed.  At least they haven't said anythng to me.

I am soooo pleased with my weight loss.  Today I weigh 157 pounds!!  Havent been that low for decades.  My goal is 150, but I may lower it to 140 incase of gain back.  First I will see how hard it is to reach 150, because things have really slowed down weight loss wise-not a complaint as things have gone really well for me!

This site is a great support for me.  I hope to be a more active participant now that I have started to figure out how it works.  This stuff is all new for a 55 year old bird.

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