Well I leave for Charlotte tomorrow and then Friday I have surg

Apr 01, 2013


Surgery on the right knee

Feb 21, 2013

‎1 week from tomorrow I have total knee replacement on my right knee... I am so excited... On December 20th I had total knee replacement on my left knee... It was the best thing I have done since having Gastric Bypass. This is life changing for me. So many things are going to change and be so much better.


Left knee done now!

Feb 01, 2013

Sorry so late posting on my left knee surgery.... I had total knee replacement on Dec 20th and came through it with flying colors... Not only was it bowed backwards from the contractor but it was also bowed sideways something we did not see in the xrays...  Now it is straight and has no contractor in it at all...  it has be 6 weeks now and everything is going great....  the scar is great...  PT is on going and that is good..  It hurts I won't lie but it is something that I have to do to work the knee...


I got the date for the surgery for the right knee and that will be March 1st so I am expecting the same with it as well.... I will keep everyone posted on how the right knee does... 


Insurance paperwork

Dec 04, 2012

Been on the phone all day with insurance companies and it is a go with them too... Lots to do before the 20th... I have to go back to Charlotte again Monday and Tuesday for appointment for pre op... Man I hope they get it all done those days... Long way to drive for appointments but it is worth it... So worth it.. Lots to do and a short time to do it.. But you know me I will get it done.. getting more excited with each passing day... Yes!!! getting my goals done...!!


Seeing Dr. Griffin in Charlotte, NC

Dec 04, 2012

Well I made it through the day in Charlotte.. After having both knees xrayed, my hips xrayed and blood work done I was told that I can .......... bet you would like to know what he said about my knees hehehehehehe... Well Christmas is coming early to me this year... I am having total Knee replacement on the Left knee on Dec 20..... Yes Yes Yes and 6 weeks later I will get the right knee done...... . I did find out that I have an S curve in my spine.... Never knew that one....He said that my contractors were not as bad as he thought they were... He even gave me my meds that he wants me to began before surgery.. His nurse came in and talked to me said she wanted to meet the nice woman she has been talking to on the phone in person... I really like her... She reminde me of our Bobbie... So I know that I will be walking the halls that day..... Will miss you Bobbie cheering me



Facebook timelines

Sep 13, 2012

Starting a new road in my life. I am going to have Bariatric Surgery as so as my insurance and drs approve it. My BMI is 71.4 that is Super Morbid Obese. That is a hard thing to say but this is even harder to write. I weigh 484 lbs now So come along and cheer me on to a health weight loss. I hope that I can help others to make that choice to be healthy again too.

I had found this on my timelline today and wanted to update it...I had Bariatric Surgery Feb 7th 11, I weighed 407lbs day of surgery. I was on 2 blood pressure meds, water pill and a pill for incontencent.. It is almost 2 yrs out now and I am at 218lbs and only have 18lbs to reach my goal of 200 lbs... I no longer take blood pressure meds water pills, or pills for incontencest and no longer have a problem with that... I do still have my CPaP but will be doing a sleep study in Dec to see if I can come off of it.... I have came out of my wheel chair, walker and cane... I walk everywere now... I do have contractors to my hip and knees caused by sittting in a truck for years and then in a wheel chair for years... Now I am working to release the muscles so that I can have knee replacement... I started PT 2 weeks ago and yesterday I started working out with a trainer at (Live Fit) yesterday... Both are great workouts for my hip and knees... I have come along way with a lot of hard work but would do it all over again to be as healthy as I am today... I am trying to pay it back for all that I have learned and want to help others with their fight with obesity...  

Normal Size

Sep 10, 2012

Today I saw my trainer at Live Fit gym and he told me some numbers of what I was and told me that I was at a normal size...  That blew me away....

my water intake is 49, my BMI is at 31.1 when it use to be 72 and my bone density is at 7.8 and my workout age is 41 and my real age is 53 so this is exciting to know that the numbers show my working out and my weight loss has paid off for me

Susan McVay Just now
and I am a 6 on the body chart so I am of normal size now.... What is normal size cause I have aways been over weight or super morbliey obese so to find out that I am at a normal size now this is great

Mobility issues

Jun 18, 2012

Mobility is not my issue it is people that think my mobility is an issue. So now I am on a mission to work as hard as I can to get my legs and knees ready for surgery. I was going to put it off but now I am shotting for late August. I want to let people see that I can go and do things. This is BS that people don;t want or think I can go and do things. I am so tired of sitting home and not doing anything. I am better that this. I have lost 261lbs and yes I do have problems with my knees but I can go and do just like everyone else. Yes I am slow but I get there. I remember when I could not walk at all and felt the same way. What is it with people... Well guess what I am going on with my life and if I have to go and do things by myself then so be it. I will and am doing for myself so watch out cause here I come

A new spin on dating

Jan 25, 2012

Well I thought I had meet a nice guy last weekend. But yesterday he told me because of my knees I could ride on the back of his bike when he gets one. He thought that it would not be a good idea to go on with anything. Also he said because he loved to cook and I only eat to eat now that was a problem also!! Never had a man tell me because I could not eat much that he did not want to contuniue a realationship. Boy how the tables have changed on me!!


Dec 03, 2011

Life is getting better.  I am always doing something.  Last week went shopping and bought me 2 pair of boots.  One black and one brown.  I feel tall and sexy in them.  First boots I have had since I was a teenager so if takes me back some.  I really feel so much better and Life is so much easier .  I walk with my cane now and only use the chair to go to the mall and Wal- Mart but I am going to try to start to do it with just a buggy cart.  just to see how it feels .  So much in my life has changed and that is great. 

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