Seeing Dr. Griffin in Charlotte, NC

Dec 04, 2012

Well I made it through the day in Charlotte.. After having both knees xrayed, my hips xrayed and blood work done I was told that I can .......... bet you would like to know what he said about my knees hehehehehehe... Well Christmas is coming early to me this year... I am having total Knee replacement on the Left knee on Dec 20..... Yes Yes Yes and 6 weeks later I will get the right knee done...... . I did find out that I have an S curve in my spine.... Never knew that one....He said that my contractors were not as bad as he thought they were... He even gave me my meds that he wants me to began before surgery.. His nurse came in and talked to me said she wanted to meet the nice woman she has been talking to on the phone in person... I really like her... She reminde me of our Bobbie... So I know that I will be walking the halls that day..... Will miss you Bobbie cheering me



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