Hidden Sugar

Nov 04, 2011

Dr. Brolin came to the Support Meeting last night and we learned a important math equation for our food. It makes so much sence now. Carbs are sugar right!! Well would make sence that we eat way to many of them. He said that we need to know the truth about them. Boy do we!!! Try this the next time you read a lable on your breakfast food or any of your food. Take the number of Carbs and Subtract the fiber in it then divide it by 5 and that tells the true amount of sugar in things. I thought this was so cool. Learn something new every day!!  Hidden Sugar is everywere!!!


Sep 26, 2011

Hi everyone, I am just wanting to vent!! I have celluidous in my left leg and foot. I am a little down right now cause I have been on bed rest for 5 days and can not do my exercises or aquatics. I will not be able to do the "Walk from Obesity" again this year. I was just wanting to be able to walk some of it but it is not in the cards this year. Next year who knows might even be abe to run it next year. This has been hard on me!! I think harder than wls to deal with. The thought of losing a leg or even your life to some infection in your tissue scares me and makes me think about how hard I have worked to get out of my chair and to be able to walk again. I don't want even the possiblity of being put back in that chair for the rest of my life. Just the thought make me cry.

Packing for New Orleans

Sep 05, 2011

I am packing to go to New Orleans.  I am leaving out Wednesday and driving to New Orleans.  I will drive til I get tired and then find a Motel for the night and then Thursday drive in to New Orleans and find the Motel there.  I am so excited about this trip.  Hoping good things come out of me going to New Orleans.  Hope there is a lot that I can bring back to the group.  I am sure there will be.  Can't wait. 

I also see Dr. Blaney in the morning for my check up.  He will be excited to see me and what a good job I have done with my weight.  Well it is late and I have a long day tomorrow.  Add more tomorrow. 

Supersized Seaone 5

Aug 27, 2011

I wanted to share with everyone this email I got from my friend Liz @ the BBC in Los Angles.  She is doing a documenty on Obesity.  We have talked on this subject twice and have keep in touch with each other.  I want to say a Big Happy Annv. to her mom and dad's 50th wedding Annv.  Hope you are having a great time with them!!

It was lovely to talk to you today and thanks for taking time out to chat about your progress and life in general. 
As I mentioned, we're back in production for season 5 of Supersize v Superskinny and I am once again, looking for people to feature in the show.  Ideally we are looking for people 400lbs - 800lbs, male or female, who would be interested in sharing their story and in turn, help support a similar person in the UK fighting obesity.
This year our host, Dr Christian Jennsen will also be traveling to America to meet the US Supersizer, a first for the show!
We are planning to shoot throughout the whole month of November all over America (wherever the best stories are) and right now I'm putting feelers out to doctors, surgeons and support groups to ask them to approach anyone who fits the demographic.
I'd be grateful if you could bring this up at your next support meeting and keep me posted on anyone you find.
In the meantime, when you get a chance, if you can email me some "before and after" photos of you that would be great.
 I wish you well for the future.
Liz Haas 
Volt MediaFix
US Production and Fixing
P: + 1 310.985.0161
F:  +1 310.425.3070
[email protected]


The Blues

Aug 21, 2011

I want you to know that 2 weeks ago I found the Blues.  Don't know were they came from but they came visting.  I did not not the visit that is for sure.  I did not go and do anything for 2 weeks and had the biggest pity party I could have.  I was feeling regected from everything in my life.  I was looking for a man in my life and when I was heavyer I understuid the regection from them but now since I have lost 192lbs well that was a bitter pill to swallow.  Well I guess I had to hit bottom to come back up and see that I do have a good life and that I am worth something to myself.  I have to see me for me and not for what a man wants to see in me.  I have to please me!!!  I have to love me!!!  I have to be happy for me!!

Yes the Blues have left and I feel so much better and I am doing what I have to do to become a healthy person and I have learned that it only matters to me what I feel and how I look.  I am better than that now!!  I am myself and I love that person.  Will I have the Blues back well I know they may come to visit some times but I will not let them stay.  I have learned a lot about myself and what I feel and how to take charge of my self again

When I did that I broke the plato that I have had for the last month and a half.  I was at 303 for that long then I went down to 296 and now I am at 292.  I am excited about myself again and what is ahead of me for my life. 

Certified WLS Support Leader

Jul 16, 2011

Today I did a 4  1/2 hr Session to become a Certified WLS Support Leader.  I did all 3 sessions today so now I am offical.  I am Augusta's WLS Support Leader for Dr. M. Blaney.  It was very informative and I leaned some things I did not know and reviewed some that I did.  Now I have some great ideas and information to share with my group here in Augusta.  I am excited to move forward. 


Jul 10, 2011

Check out my BMI.  My BMI was 72 when I started and now it is at 45.  Wow that is a 30% drop since I have started.  Boy that is a big drop.  I am feeling better everyday.  Tomorrow I go and see Dr. Bromer to see if my Iron is too low or not.  I am hoping it is not.  If it is I am scheduled to do an infusion.  Maybe I will not have to but if I do I will have to be there 6hrs.  Not looking forward to that at all.  I will give everyone a update tomorrow.

100 lbs since Surgery & 177lbs

Jul 06, 2011

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Susan McVay I was 315 now I am 307 so that is a total weight loss of 177lbs since I begain. So as of 2/7/11 of surgery I have lost 100lbs in 4 months. Thus I will get my 175 star at the WLS support meeting. It is going to be a real good meeting. I am excite

4 month ck up

Jun 21, 2011

 Saw Dr. Blaney today for 4 month ck up. Every thing is good but Iron was low and B1 was low got some B complex for that and will see a Hematologic on the 27th for the Iron. Lost 93lbs since surgery on 2/7/11 and a total of 170 since the beginning.

New Dr.

Jun 08, 2011

 Yesterday I saw my new Dr.  Dr. Epter is a pain dr that is working with me to help me get to walking all the time.  He has ordered Aquatic Theapy for me.  He also gave me some new meds also.  Baclofen 10mg and Neurontin 300 mg.  this is to help with my feet and with my leg pain.  The pain center called me after I got home with an appointment for the Aquatic Theapy on Monday at 9 a.m.  I am excited about this.  They weighted me and I had lost  5 more pounds for a total of 166lbs now.   I weigh 318lbs now only 18 more pounds and I will be in the 200's.  Wooooo Hoo

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