54lbs since surgery

Apr 12, 2011

 I saw Dr. Blaney today and he changed my goal weight to around 200lbs insteed of 160lbs cause of my height.  But we will see how that goes.  I weight and I was down to 354 a total of 54lbs since surgery and a grand total of 130lbs all total.  And a lose 7lbs since Wensday.  Saw Trish also said that I was doing good with what I was doing with the protein and my meals.  So all looking good.  


Apr 08, 2011

 Well this week I got sick.  I mean really sick.  When to my GP and talked to an intern that sat there and truly listened to me about how I felt and me explaining that I was a Bariatric pacient and could not have insaids or sugary.  She gave me Lohist-12D 6-45MG TAB  this is a antihistamine and decongestant.  And Doxycycl HYC 100MG TAB this is a tetracycline antibiotc used to treat bacterial infection.  The pharmeacist told me that taking vitamins with this they would bond to the meds.  So I did get a heads up to that.  But failed to read the paperwork that they give you with your meds.  So I ended up throwing up the fist night thinking it was the cheese that I had eaten.  Nope it was the meds.  On the paperwork it states in Caps   DO NOT LIE DOWN FOR 30 mins after taking this med.   So read your paperwork well before you take your meds.  I was weighed at the dr and I am down to 361 so that another 5 lbs.  125lbs total.  Yes.;  

I did not get to go to my support meeting cause I just felt so bad that I did not go.  Been eating more liquide food this week lots of protein.  Hoping it will help with healing what is going on in my head and chest.  Don't like having to work around ther antibiotc and my vitamins.  That takes a little working around.   But I am making it work.  

The Beach was a wash out.

Mar 30, 2011

 Sorry to say but it rained the whole time we were at the beach.  But when you are given lemons you put them in your water right.  Well that is what I did.  Sunday got up and and eat at Akeils.  I have grits and 1 egg sunny side up.  Hoping that it would scare the rain away but it did not!!  Mike our waiter knew I had had RNY so he made me a small bowl of grits and put the egg on a plate.  I could only eat half of the small bowl of grits and egg.  But that is ok.  Did great.

Then we went to the Mall and had a spa day.l  Got my nails done and my feet too.  They look so much better.  So do my feet and toes.  James got his done also.  We walked around the mall for a wail  I was in my chair and James walked.  then we left there and went to Wal Mart so I could pick up some things that I could eat cause it was cheaper doing that than going and eating out were I could not eat.  I got some crab, some fish and oatmeal and popcycles.  Oh yes sting cheese.  

Monday was cold and rainy also so we eat at Akeils and then drove around to find the boat lonch cause if the weather was going to be good Tuesday we were going out on the boat.  We found it with no problem and headed back to Myterl Beach.  We decided to go to the movies at the mall so that is what we did.  We watched "Paul"  it was cute and funnie.  Good choice James.  When back to Riptied and made supper.  Fish for me James had a pot pie.  

Tuesday was great the sun was out and it was warming up.  We got up at 7:30 got to Akeils about  9 and ate then left there at  9:30 and got to little River at 10 were the Boat was.  It goes out  7 miles out to sea and you can play games or sit on the deck and enjoy the day.  We played some of the games and did not win anything  Just my luck.   They had lunch on the boat.  so I try the only thin I knew I could eat was the eggs and grits.  The eggs were scrambled and I have not tryed them that way and boy it was a no go with the scrambled eggs.  I sat out of the deck and enjoyed the sun and boy you should see me face now.  But all in all we had a good time.  Loved being out on the water.  Just wished that it was not so cold.  

Wensday we came home and boy I was glad to be home!!!  It is nice to go on trips but it is also nice to come home too!!  Love my own bed.....  hehehehe  So see you can have lemon in your water.  Might not go to well with sand but sure does good with the water.  

weigh in

Mar 24, 2011

 I went to the center today and weighed and had lost 8 more lbs.  that is a total of 120 lbs now.  I am excited with this.  Now I am 366lbs now.  Next week after I get back from the beach we will see were I am then.  I plan to play in the pool and hot tub too.  

Drum Roll!!!!

Mar 15, 2011

 drum roll Today I went to weight at the center and I have lost 9 lbs. A total of 112lbs now!!! It is coming down. I am so excited. Chris and Brenda you will be on the other side Thursday and boy what an exciting ride.

Lost 3 more pounds

Mar 06, 2011

 Thursday I saw Dr. Blaney again and he said my insecinons looked good.  They have healed really well.  I weighted and have lost 3 lbs.  So I have lost 31 lbs since surgery.  Woooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!!  Dr. Blaney said he looks for me to lose 40 more pounds this month.  I have been walking with my walker some also.  I used it that morning to see Dr. Blaney then when I went to chair aerobics.  All the women that do chair aerobics studed up and cheered me on when they saw me come into the room with out my chair.  Then that night we had our support meeting I walked from the parking lot into the meeting and everyone was so tickled to see me walking with the walker.  Being out of the chair feels good.  I stilll use the chair around the house and when I go to Wal Mart..  Things are progressing nicely.  I need to start to take my mesurments to see how many inches I have lost.  


Feb 17, 2011

 Yes today I saw Dr, Blaney for my 2nd check up and he said that everything was doing great.  Then I weighted.  OMG  I have lost 100 lbs since I started this back in July and 27 lbs since surgery last Monday.  This is so unreal to me.  I am so excited about this.,  I was only thinking I would only lose maybe 7 lbs but when I had lost 21 lbs that was really excited.  Yes thank you lord and Dr, Blaney.  I have already started my chair aerobics again and I feel great.  I will start back and the gym this weekend and will be working out really hard .  Yes Yes Yes.  

Home and Doing Great

Feb 11, 2011

 I have surgery on 2/7/11 and I am home and doing great!!!!  Surgery was 1 1/2 hrs long and everything when great.  Was in some pain but not as much as I thought I was going to be.  Good drugs heheheh.  Now for the swallow studie that was the pits.  It was real hard getting on the table and it was hard and cold.  The drink was the worst I have ever tasted.  Thought I was going to be sick.  But got it down and had to move different ways on this hard cold table.  Then it was time to get me off the table.  heheheh that was fun.  I had to slid all the way down to the end of the table to the foot.  They tilted it so I would be sitting on the end of it.  Which was so much better than trying to craw off the table.  I had really good nurses that were the greatest. .  They made sure I was doing well.  Came as soon as I called for them for help.  Walked with me in the hall and just give me the healing that I needed.  Was able to come home Wesday afternoon and it was so good to be home.  So far so good.  I am getting my protein and water down great.  Saw the Dr. today and he said I was looking good!  I weighed and lost 6lbs since surgery.  What a great start to the healthy me.  

Fighting Food Demons

Jan 30, 2011

  Today was a hard day for me. Never thought I would have to fight food demons like I have done today!!! Food is every were and this week is not a friend of mine. It is call every so loudly "Susan" "Susan" come and eat me come and enjoy the taste and smells of the food. "Susan" you do not have to do that liquid diet! "Susan" eat your hungry and you will get love from us. Well I have fought thought this feeling and thoughts all day today. Even wail I was working out these thoughts were there, So I have done everything tonight to keep liquids going in and more protein going down. I had a talk with my inner self and told myself that I am doing this cause I love myself and want to be healthy again and no matter what demons come up that they were going to be stopped in their tracks cause I am doing this and I have made it thought 4 days of the diet and only have 8 more days to go and things are getting better. My mom and dad came to visit tonight and that made me feel better too!! Dad and mom are trying the whey protein and the whey low and seeing if they can drop their blood sugar some with that. I was proud of them wanting to try. They have seen what I have done and so they said it was worth a try to see. All I can do is take one day at a time and go from there. I am so excite that I am embarking on a new healthy life and food will not be a demon of mine anymore. Susan aka mamasue

Pre Op

Jan 24, 2011

 I start my Pre Op tomorrow at 9 a.m. They are going to be taking blood and showing me around and meeting the nurses on the floor.  Then I have an appointment with Dr. Blaney at 11: a.m. to talk about the surgery and answer any question that I might have about surgery.  Then Wensday I start my pre op diet.  2 shakes for breakfast 2 shakes for lunch and 2 shakes for suppor no sugar, no cream.  no food!!!  only jello and protien shakes.  The only thing I will have a problem with is no cream in my coffee.  So have to drink my decaf with out cream.  Thursday I have to see Dr. Jones at 4:30 to talk about putting in the IVC Filter.  Then Feb 9th I will have surgery at 2 p.m.  I am so excited about this!!!!!!!  I have waited so long and have worked hard to get to this place.  I have educated myself as much as I can at this point.  I am sure there will be new information that I will learn from now on.  I know that I am not alone with this,,,  I have so much support with my family and my WLS family in Augusta. GA  I know when I have a question I can ask anyone in the support group or here.

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