Today Will Be The First Day of The Rest Of My Life

Aug 19, 2010

 Have you had those days when you wake up more ways that just waking up from your sleep.  Well I had that kind f a day today.  I took a look deep down into my soul and saw things I did not like.  So of course I am here to tell everyone that things in my life are changing.  Not going to change but ARE changing. 


I dnot like what I saw.  You know how we all just go day to day not ever noticeing ourself until one day you just wake up and there it starys you in the face and everything that your famil and friends were so nicely trying to tell you.... You truly sit up and take notice.  Life is just passing you by and you wounder were it has gone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Well I am here to say I am taking Life by the horns and going to ride the best way I can from now on.  My life is going to take a 360 So watch out Life.  Standing before me is a woman that has had a wounderful Life, Husband, and 4 wounderful Kids.  But there is more to me than just that.  I am smart, kindhearted, scared but at the same time brave.  Strong, loveable, and quickwitted.  But most of all I am me.  


So in this new start I will be changing what I don't like about me.  And making what I do like about me even better.  I just won't let Life pass me by anymore.  I have too much to do to just sit back and watch.  I want to be a part of my own Life not just sitting back and letting it go by like I have done for a long time now.  The only regret that I have is that I did not see sooner.  So this is my vow to myself.




Barring it all to the World

Aug 19, 2010

 Baring All of my self to the world is like standing in front of a mirror seeing everything.  Looking deep into that mirror seeing a refelection that does not lie.  Stripping away all the layers on top of layers.  Touching my face I see the wisdom of many years.  A lot of roads that have been traveled.  The many tears that were shed over the good and the bad.   The loving kisses that were given and taken.  The shoulders that were used so many times to hold a loving enbrace with my family.  That held up the world when it was falling all around me.  My arms that cuttled and enbraced the ones I loved, and durring times of happyness and in sadness.  When I held my love close to me.  I brought the world to my bussom.  And knew the wonders of being a woman and a mother.  My back has carryed many a load.  And my legs have walked many a mile.  My feet have gotten tought with all that it has carryed.  And my hands have touched hearts and souls over the years.  My mind has shared much knowledge.  


But what I see most standing here is my soul.  A Soul that know much but nothing.  So much to learn but so much that has been taught.  Stripping away all that is known.  Learning new thoughts, and new feeling.  Searching the depths of what can be and what will be.  Taking a step back and taking a true look at what is really there.  The Bare Truth.  The Bare Essence of what we are.


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