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"5/05 I have not met with my surgeon yet. I have met with a Dr. in his clinic to get released for surgery. The clinic was a great resource for people who are considering or not considering WLS. They also offer nutrition services and if you are not considering WLS, they have a weight reduction 3-6 month Dr. reviewed plan. The dieticians were very pleasant. There was never much of a wait time to get the appointment and get in. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. The only drawback I have about the Vanderbilt clinic is the lack of follow up and follow through with the nurses. I am sure that is mostly my impatience. It was always my responsibility to make sure they had everything they needed and if they didn't, I didn’t know about it and nothing would happen but wasted time. I felt I had to keep calling and following up. But I do understand how busy they are and how impatient I am. So, it could have just been me! :). I will know more if I do get approved and get to go back in to the clinic and meet my surgeon. I will follow up here more afterwards.rn6/06 - I have a surgery date and have met with my surgeon. I absolutely loved meeting Dr Torquati. He is wonderful. I have my surgery tommorrow and once I met him, I knew I was in good hands. rn3/7/07 - I just want to say that Dr. Torquati is the best Dr. I have ever met. He really does care about his patients. He wants to make sure they are taken care of and he will do what he has to so that they are. He has a great bed side manner but even without that, he is very detailed and caring about what happens to us. I had to have gall bladder surgery and he did that too. I had some complications because of my liver and he was very detailed and good to my family and was there for me everyday. He even postponed a buisness trip for a day to make sure that I was taken care of with this surgery. I could not ask for a better surgeon or Dr and I will recommend him to anyone! "
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