Feb 05, 2010

so much has gone on this past week, 2 deaths in the family, the hubby having a surgery, still not working because of the accident, enough to drive someone crazy!
Tonight I was sitting here thinking that we have made a good choice in opting to get WLS, I just hope that we have what it takes to make it.
We both love our food, I wouldn't say we are addicted but if you give us the choice between a Lean Cuisine or Grandma's Sunday fried chicken we are going for the chicken.
We have also tried 2 times in the last year to stop smoking, this time we were gung-ho, got the nicotine gum and all, then BAM!!!! the world wants to go crazy again. It was going so good, I sure hope we can get back to that point. Our appts for the labs and etc for Dr Moran are next week and then they say things will move pretty fast (never fast enough I am sure) so  I know we have to get a handle on this.


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