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Good evening everyone,

I recently had surgery (rny), I'm still in the liquid stage. Although I'm struggling with In taking enough protein . However my concern is at times i get nausea and sick to my stomach and it's followed up with a visit to

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Believe Because it works?? - OK. So its too soon to tell, But so far I like it. If by the quite you cant tell what it is, its weight watchers. Yes I JOINED!! I thought it would be so complicated but today bein...

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5/7/2012!!!! - Well. This is my first week were I'm not in school.  My mom.. AKA Denise Austin. LOL Has put me on a work out regimen. And wants me to "take it seriously" .. I am.. But that ellipt...

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Ok.. Changing my ways. - Ok.. So as I sit at my desk at work and look over at the twix and snickers candy., and feel no urge...  I'm proud of my self. So I have been on a "change my eating habit" .. I'm ea...

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How much sleep and its importance... - Individuals vary greatly in their need for sleep; there are no established criteria to determine exactly how much sleep a person needs. Eight hours or more may be necessary for som...
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