Update 7/7/09

Jul 07, 2009

myspace layoutsI had a great appointment today with Dr. Cussatti! I am down another 15 pounds since my last visit.  It may not be fast but it is steadily going in the right direction - DOWN!   I am very happy.  I now have lost over 72% of my excess weight and he says that I am a success!  I am going to keep working until I have lost 100%!  I now weigh 182 lbs. on his scale.  I love my RNY!

We signed the lease on our new retirement apartment yesterday and we are starting to move in a few things.  This weekend we will be moving our furniture and we will have a new home.  I am so excited and so happy!  Moving is such a lot of work.  All I have been doing is packing, packing and more packing!  We had a huge garage sale for the July 4th weekend with tons of help from, Heather, John, Rachel, Areyeh and Tony.  Heather & John helped us for all three days.    I am so greatful that we have such wonderful children and friends!  We still have so much to do... It is very hard to decide what we should keep and what things we would never need again.  Our apartment is on the second floor.  I would not have been able to move to a second floor apartment 115 lbs ago!  Thank God for my RNY!

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