The journey continues

Apr 20, 2015

Well things aren't progressing the way I had hoped with the weight side of things but I am trying to not mentally screw's the reason why... I weighed this morning at work and I was 161.8. I have been hovering around the 160-165 mark for the past two months. I recently started weight training and following a running training app. I usually put on muscle weight pretty quickly (which if you are watching your weight can be a problem). So the saturday before Easter sunday I went looking for a new Easter dress and I found 1 was a size Medium! YAY! I also tried on some jeans size Juriors 11... I couldn't get them above my hips. Bummer. So after that point I started my weight training more seriously and completed my first week of running training. I was feeling good about my progress since my size 13 jeans were feeling loose. So I told my husband I wanted to go by JCP to try on the jeans again... I grabbed them and anxiously tried them on. THEY FIT! I did a little dance and they zipped right up! Not even that tight anymore! Needless to say my husband MADE me buy them and also put away the scales. I just started a group walking challenge at work today too so hopeful I will see more results even if the scales dont move. 

I am officially HALF THE WOMAN I USED TO BE (physically) :)

I was hoping to be at 130 by my year anniversary... while I may not meet that goal weight I am proud of myself thus far. 4 months until my 1 year Surgiversary!