Life's Anxieties

Mar 31, 2009

With all the  bad news on TV I believe if it wasn't for this surgery I would seriously go into a big eating binge!  When I found out that my dad lost his job due to the economy today,  I felt myself gravitate toward food.  I remembered how hard I worked out this morning  and thought it's not worth it!   I will pray and ask my heavenly father to bring comfort & Peace into my heart, and behold I feel such a calmness come over me!  I know that this surgery is not a easy ticket to weight loss, and I must be conscious of everything that goes into my mouth.  Some how I never thought that I could change my mind set  concerning  stress and food.  I pray that my mind set never changes and that I can be an inspiration to those that have the same struggles that I have with food, (stress, anxiety emotions).  I feel great physically, and I will battle to take care of this tool that I have had the privilege to have.  Life is good! regardless of all the yucky stuff that sometimes comes our way!


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