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Jun 05, 2007

so here i am posting my first blog.  where do i start?  Well,  let me start by saying thank God there is a site like this.  Sometimes when I'm talking to family or friends about being overweight, I will say,  " you don't understand" Here I know that there are people that do understand.  It's a horrible feeling to not be able to control something, and that is how I feel.  I have lost control.  I don't remember when or where or how but I have lost control of myself.  Hopefully, I will be allowed to have this surgery to help me live my life again.  I have been so unhappy with myself for a while now.  I watch people doing everyday normal things and I think I can do it until my shackles remind me.  When I say shackles i mean my weight.  I forget sometimes that I am carrying this extra weight as heavy as three adults on my bones.  That is until I try to go up a flight of stairs, or pick up my kids, or put on my summer clothes from the year before or look in the mirror.  I don't know who I am anymore and I want to change that.  My whole life I was "chubby".  I always had to shop in the big girls dept. or stores.  I didn't get asked to the prom.  Boo Hooo right?  I have to change this but I need help.  That's why I am seeking surgical intervention.  I hope it works out for me.  I see all these before and after pictures and I must say that people not only look healthier... they look HAPPIER.  Thats what I want.  Well, enough of my self pity.  I hope I didn't bore anyone with this.  Talk to you soon self.

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