May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

We were in The Abacos last weekend and it was AWESOME! I did gain a pound this week - but STOP STRESSING MOM - I am quite sure it is because of all the sun I got - it makes you retain water big time. (And yes, I checkd that out - its true!)

Still, it was an active weekend filled with a lot of things that I never would have done without surgery.

Here is the plane we flew over on. Before surgery I never would have been able to fit in the seats! Yeah, the owner of the plane is a GATORS fan! Hence to colors. Wait until you see the boat - orange and blue and names the InstiGator!

The Plane we flew over on by you.

Me on our mile long walk down the beach:

Hanging at The Beach by you.

Connor Snorkeling:

Snorkling by you.

Me Snorkeling - I LOVE to snorkel!!

Snorkling by you.

Me at the top of the lighthouse in Hope Town. I climed all the staris with no problem and even fit through the tiny little door at the top!!

At The Lighthouse at Hope Town by you.

At The Lighthouse at Hope Town by you.

Ahhhhhhh - this is THE LIFE!!

Coco's Beach Bar by you.

The whole family at Nippers - drinking Frozen Nippers - a delightful rum drink!!

Going to Nippers for lunch by you.

View from the balcony of the house where we stayed:

Hanging at The Beach! by you.

Me, my mom, Connor and Ethan:

Mother's Day by you.

Connor and Nelson on the beach:

Coco's Beach Bar by you.

It was SUCH a good time!!! I hope I get to go back real soon!!!

All the pictures can be seen here:


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