Hi, I am a 47yr old woman who has decided to have VSG.  Because of my insurance I have to wait 6 months which will be January 2013 .  I have been doing research and reading everything thing I can especially what everyone's experience has been and it really is helping because I am experiencing some fear.  I'm fearful that I wont be able to do the pre op and post op eating with the proteins and stuff.  I think I just have too much time to think about this because I have overcome a lot in my life and I dont really know why I'm thinking like this.  I guess its the unknown......

Anyway, I'm taking it a day at a time, a step at a time.  Matter of fact I have the support group to attend tonight so I'm glad I found this website and I plan to utilize it.   I'll share more as I go on but I need to get ready for group.

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