Andrew Duffy

"Dr. Andrew Duffy is the best!!! He is with Yale University Bariatric Surgeons - a center for excellence and he is in with Dr. Robert Bell. I went to the seminar on 12/8/06 and listened attentively to all they had so say. Needless to say when Dr. Duffy presented I just knew that this is the guy I was looking for to do my surgery - he knew his stuff and he was kind and sensitive to my questions. I was getting frustrated because I could not get an appointment for my psych eval prior to 1/07 and he was kind enough to give me the name of Mark Gaynor, LCSW and I got an appointment right away. My paperwork was all complete and in Dr. Duffy's office by 1/2/07. Since I did not get a call with an appointment by 1/3/07, the very next day, I decided to e-mail Dr. Duffy on our Groupwise system that we use at Yale and I said \"I am hoping God places it in your heart to read this e-mail - I need a date!!!\" and he read it - I got a call with a date four days after. I feel confident and I know that I made the right decision. The staff is great, Jane, his nurse manager was great - she had R&Y a couple years ago and looks great and she used to work as an OR nurse where I work which is part of Yale too."