The Power of Positive Thinking

Sep 12, 2010

Victoria called and asked I wanted to go to Lane Bryant. I am just getting ready to have surgery, and the LAST thing I want to do is buy more size 26+ clothes. But, I relish the times we are together, so I agreed. I mean, I didn't have to buy anything, right?

I did the craziest thing. Well, more than normal crazy for me. I bought a teeny tiny pair of size 14 jean shorts. It looks like a teenager would wear them.

I bought them because I thought, "Who knows. By next year, I could fit into these!" Plus, at $6.99, they're practically disposable.

But you year I believe I will be taking a picture of me in those shorts. I believe in the power of positive thinking.


Surgery Date - October 11, 2010

Sep 08, 2010

I got to see Dr. Jeff today, and we decided that the surgery date will be October 11, 2010 at 7:30 a.m. This means I need to be at the hospital at 5:30! The procedure will take about 2 hours, and then I will go to my room to recover. Oh, wait! I mean, sit up, walk around, do leg exercises, learn how to drink, watch a video a couple of times, and sleep. I will be released the following evening. Patrick said that they will probably have me ready to go at noon! That would be my luck. So, now....who to call first? I will call Donnell. She was super excited! So, unto making my high protein lunch for tomorrow in order to drop these last 10 pounds. Today, was quite exciting!

Current Obsession - Vitamins

Sep 05, 2010

I am reading all of the posts concerning labs, and can see that a strict regimen of taking the correct vitamins is crucial. Therefore, I am in search of the best vitamin, for the least amount of money. I have done much research online as well as at my local GNC. I keep telling myself to quit pre-spazzing. I haven't even got a surgery date yet.......sheesh!


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